• Low Cost Flood Insurance for Your Home or Renter's Policy
    Flood Insurance Quotes & Rates in Abilene, Austin, TX & Surrounding Area
    Whether or not your property is susceptible to flooding, you should consider the possibility of what you would lose if it were to happen. Tatum Insurance will provide you with coverage options to protect against a detrimental outcome. Most importantly, you need to know that flood insurance is not provided through the homeowners policy. It must be purchased separately.

Cheap Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance is required for most property owners in the FEMA-regulated flood zones. But anyone can purchase flood insurance — for properties inside or outside of the mapped flood zones. Some areas have higher flood risks depending on history, rainfall, river-flow, tidal-surge data, topography, flood-control measures, and changes due to building and development.

You can purchase flood insurance from Tatum Insurance to cover damage to the building’s structure or the belongings inside. Coverage is available for both residential properties and businesses. It is crucial for home owners to assess whether their policy covers damage from flooding, given that the majority do not. Renters can also purchase insurance to protect against floods for their furniture, clothing and possessions.

If you are unsure whether your property is in a flood zone, search FEMA’s flood zone map and consult with Tatum Insurance Group. Regardless of the flood risk for your particular property in Abilene, TX, Tatum Insurance is equipped to find coverage to best suit your unique needs.

  • We offer privatized flood insurance with no elevation certificate required.
    At Tatum Insurance, we will help you understand the basic with flood insurance. Recent changes in legislation have affected the way in which flood insurance policies function. Consult with our expert agents to discuss how you can obtain privatized flood insurance without an elevation certificate.
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